Friday, 18 November 2011

Dine Under $30: Rashays, Liverpool

Rashays is a chain of restaurants in South West Sydney which serve a good variety of 'cafe' food such as burgers, steaks, pizzas, pastas, seafood and desserts in a well-lit, casual, restaurant setting.  They are licensed so you can also get alcoholic drinks.  The staff are friendly and food arrives quickly.  They also add a slice of lemon to your table water which is a nice touch.

If you want deconstructed sashimi and lamb confit on top of souffle (or whatever convoluted creations the high end places come up with), this isn't the place to be.  Rashays is all about enjoying simple, tasty food in large quantities.

The prices are a little on the high end for the simple fare but the food is fresh and of reasonable quality. The steak ($25 for 500g T-bone with chips and salad) was cooked well and the pepper sauce was full of peppercorns though a little too zingy for my liking.  The marinara pizza ($19) had a delightfully crispy base and the seafood topping was quite generous, though it did get a little soggy after a while because of the tomatoes so it's advised to eat it quickly.  In terms of their starters, for example fried calamari etc, they seem to be straight out of frozen packets so not something I'd recommend.  The regular drinks, milkshakes and smoothies however, are all good value as they come in large pint-sized glasses.

My favourite item on the menu however is the Jumbo Brownie Sundae ($10).  It has a layer of fudge at the bottom, icecream, then brownie chunks and then another dollop of icecream, then is topped by whipped cream.  It is massively delicious and is probably in itself enough to consist of a meal.  Tonight, I ordered it before my main meal!

Overall, Rashays does simple really well and would be an excellent place to get together with friends.  The original is the Macquarie St location in Liverpool, however they also have another store on the Hume Hwy in Liverpool and have started up in two further locations in Campbelltown and Narellan.

Value rating:

Serving size: 10/10

Taste: 8/10

Price: 8/10

Final rating: Ice-T

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  1. You're freeeee!!! :D

    The Sundae sounds amazing!!! Did you manage to eat anything after you finished it?? :P

    wonder why it has such a low rating on urbanspoon?

  2. Yes I'm free! Hurrah! I finished half the sundae then ate half a pizza and also a little bit of steak. Haha it was a total pigout.

    I think Rashays is a bit exxy for the South West area which is probably why it has such a low rating. Also, its a pretty big restaurant (the Macquarie St one anyway) so the staff can get a bit frazzled sometimes. But I pretty much just go for the sundae haha.