Sunday, 19 August 2012

Dine Under $30: Aquacotta, Liverpool

I was in the mood for antipasto last night and I came across this restaurant after a quick google search.  It's off Hoxton Park Road, on a little strip it shares with a Chinese takeaway shop.  Its location isn't what you'd call prominent yet the place was absolutely packed and there were only seats available outdoors under the heaters.

Why the hungering for antipasto?  I saw some olives on a friend's facebook post.  Yes, I'm really that easy to influence.   Normally, I tend to forgo entrees as they add unnecessarily to the cost of the meal.  So I'd say, this place is definitely doable under $20 per person.  However olive craving got the better of me.

In addition to the antipasto, John and I ordered a seafood pizza (very luxurious with squid, octopus, caviar and aioli).  Aquacotta has a woodfire oven in full view of the restaurant so you know it's a place that takes its pizzas seriously.

The price of the antipasto platter seemed a bit steep at first at $16 per person but we were pleasantly surprised when it came with:
  • fried calamari;
  • grilled chicken;
  • eggplant, cucumber, mushroom and artichoke;
  • ham;
  • prosciutto;
  • grilled prawn with aioli;
  • anchovies; and
  • of course, olives.
It was quite salty, so it would've been better with a bit more bread (we were only given a slice each).   The platter left us stuffed and the both of us began to regret ordering the pizza.

Not for long.  

Aquacotta pizzas are definitely one of the best I've eaten.  The base isn't too thin or too thick, it's just right and lovely in its crispiness.  And it's just mounded with cheese, beautifully brown and strewn generously with seafood.  I'm drooling thinking about it now.

And I'm not sure if I should say this but I actually liked how they played Celine Dion all night.  However I understand I have a questionable taste in music and for many that is a dealbreaker so let me just say that the pizza makes up for everything.  Trust me.  Go eat their pizzas.

Value rating:

Serving size: 10/10

Taste: 9/10

Price: 8/10

Final rating: Warren Buffet

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